The average person will wake up for 28,000 mornings in their life. We’d all love to actually be that guy who is a ‘morning person’ full of motivation but unfortunately for most of us, it can be a struggle.

So how can we be more productive, alert and motivated from the moment we wake up? These tips are some ideas about how to ensure you begin every working day feeling that little bit more awake, positive and just generally with it. What works for you?

  1. Read a motivational quote
  2. Find your morning life hack
  3. Plan ahead & schedule your day the night before
  4. Close off your day the night before
  5. Get active

If you read a motivational quote before you go out this could really spur you on. It may help you reflect on what you would like to achieve that day or even in the long term. It may also help you bask in the glory of a previous success

Your morning life hack! Could it be a run? 10 minutes of stretching, walk the dog, a strong coffee or just stand in the shower singing along to a bit of Justin Bieber. Try doing whatever it is that wakes you up, a little every morning.

Plan ahead for the day that’s coming, it will help you mentally prepare for what’s to come. Let’s face it we have all turned up to work to then realise we have a meeting in 30 minutes that needed some prep and its not been done. It will also help you look forward to the good things that are due.

Close off your day the night before, it will help you reflect on what has been achieved. If you can close off some of those little tasks that have been hanging around it will make you feel a lot better.

Finally, “Get Active” do something that will get the blood pumping before you get to the office. It could be a walk with the dog, a run, a gym session. Listen to some upbeat music in the car, have a dance…why not! Personally, I think the most important is get some fresh air! Fill the lungs with the good stuff and your day ahead will be just fine.


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Have a great day. Cale