You may have seen people talking on social media about a new app called ‘Clubhouse’. You might have heard people talking about inviting others to join them in the app, but you’re still none the wiser about what it actually is?

You aren’t alone!

Clubhouse was launched in 2020 and is currently an invite-only social media platform all about audio content. Remember when Instagram was all the rage because image-only content was a new concept? Well, now it seems that audio is having its time to shine!

Currently only available on iOS, but in development for Android – no official launch date yet – users can network on the app by listening in to conversations, interviews and speeches, a bit like a live Ted Talk or podcast. There is no one niche, so users can find the content they are most interested in, whether that’s in-depth debates about politics, skincare advice, or rap battles.

When listening in on a Clubhouse ‘room’, audiences can raise their hand within the app and contribute to the conversation or ask a question, making for a collaborative event. But, be warned, not all moderators are so generous about inviting people to share their stage!

The calls are not recorded, so it’s a great opportunity for individuals and brands to share content with a veil of exclusivity, much like how Snapchat capitalised on with images and videos in their heyday. The emphasis is on live content which you can join and leave at any time during the broadcast.

In the past year, we have seen many people taking to social media to use their voices to talk about important topics which have ignited nothing short of social revolutions, so maybe now it’s time for audio content to come into its own?

In the last year, we’ve seen and truly understood the power of using social media to connect and communicate. Not only this, but since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve all become far more comfortable talking on the phone, over Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls. In fact, speaking to each other through microphones has become more normal than speaking to each other in person!

Where for revolution or simply posturing, it seems this may the perfect time for social media to evolve towards more audio based content. Plus – let’s face it, there’s perks to hosting events in your pyjamas!

Audio-only content is a great opportunity for people to stay engaged with the world without having to look at a screen, which we’re all doing far too much of these days. Clubhouse can be listened to whilst you’re exercising, cleaning, cooking, or studying. Clubhouse’s audio format helps bridge the gap between wanting to consume social media content and feeling like you need to be productive, a very real modern dilemma, that this platform seems to solve in a practical way.

Not only does Clubhouse offer an opportunity to multi-task whilst still consuming content, but in a world so obsessed with image, this app could well be a refreshing take on social connection through social media without the opportunity for judgement on aesthetics.

People are followed and listened to for the quality of the content of what they have to say and the knowledge they have to share. For once, the book is not judged by its cover, but by what it has inside.

That being said, there have been rumblings and rumours of a somewhat elitist crowd taking a monopoly on the app, self-professed ‘millionaires’ who seem to have little to do all day other than chat…

As time goes on and the app opens up to the public, it’ll be interesting to see what Clubhouse really does bring to the table, and if, when a little more mainstream, it can shake it’s ‘7-figure club’ reputation and become a positive force for social engagement and learning…

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the latest in all things social here on the blog!

Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle