With 328 million monthly active users and around 6,000 tweets every second, Twitter is a huge social media platform. Huge. From celebs to brands to accounts dedicated to funny cat videos, it seems like pretty much everyone’s on Twitter, which makes it a marketing marvel.

But, it’s pretty hard to know what to do for your brand on Twitter. Sure, having so many users means that there’s a whole lot of potential, but it also means there’s a whole lot of competition. How do you get noticed when you’re one of 328 million? More importantly, how do you get the right people to notice you?

Content marketing. That’s all you need to know. Well, it’s not all you need, but it’s certainly a great place to start! If you’re looking at your screen with a puzzled expression and no idea of what we’re talking about, don’t panic, we’ve got everything you need to know right here. Enjoy!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is basically the technique of creating and/or sharing content that you know your target audience will be interested in. You want to be adding value to your brand, showing that you’re an expert in your field and attracting potential customers to follow you. It’s like laying down honey and waiting for the bees to swarm! Without clever content marketing, your social media’s probably going to be a bit of a flop.

So, you know what it is, but now you need to learn what you should be sharing. Here are some tips from our social media experts at The Hive.

The Types of Content

There are loads of type of content you can be sharing to your page, and mixing them up is the best way to keep your social media interesting. We recommend testing a few different types, monitoring your engagement and referrals and seeing for yourself which work best for your audience. Here’s some content inspiration to help you out:

  • How- to videos
  • Quotes
  • Images of your products or services in action
  • Behind the scenes of your brand (events, production, meetings)
  • News articles written around your industry
  • Blog posts – either directly from your brand or from people in your industry
  • Infographics that relate to your industry

Where Do You Find Content?

There are different ways that you can source your content. The first – and easiest – option is to simply follow other users in your niche and retweet their stuff. This is great and everything, but if we’re honest it’s not going to get you the best results. You need to put in a bit of leg-work here!

The best content to share is the stuff that’s original and unique to your brand. In that way, your target audience is going to be drawn to you because it’s the only page where they get to see all your great stuff in one handy place. It also builds up your identity as a brand and shows you really know what you’re doing! You wouldn’t expect a big brand to just re-tweet all their content from other users would you, so why should you?

We Can Help You

That was a pretty brief but handy (if we do say so ourselves) introduction into the world of content marketing on Twitter. There’s still a whole lot more you can learn, but it’d take way too long if we went through all of that!

If you think you might struggle with the whole thing, hand over your worries to our experts at The Hive and let our social media management team take care of you. It’s what we love to do!