Are you dealing with your customer concerns on Social Media?

Are you dealing with your customer concerns on Social Media? Is offering customer service via your social media channels important to you and your business?

These days Social Media tends to be the place where your customers will both praise and complain, can you afford not to respond?

Thanking your customers for compliments and dealing with complaints go a long way towards building trust. When a customer leaves a review do you say thank you? That last time someone complained via your social media did you ignore it or respond? What was the time frame, did you respond instantly? Be aware that in the social media world, two days can feel like 2 weeks!

Do you have a staff member that is responsible for checking your social media? If so they should be able to deal with issues pretty quickly. If not you may wish to consider outsourcing this so your customers do not suffer.

Be aware that customers may now contact you via instant messenger. The clue is in the name, the customer will expect an instant response. If you don’t, their issue will get louder the more frustrated they get.

Your business on Social Media

Are you nervous about putting your business on social media? Is this because you are worried about being a target for criticism? You shouldn’t be if you are clear about your products and services Social Media will create more opportunities than risks.

If customer service is important to you then talk to me about how we can make sure it’s being dealt with on your social media channels.