Why Facebook Is Still a Small Businesses Dream


These days, a lot of businesses are skipping Facebook in their marketing plans. To be honest, we’re not really sure why. Maybe they think it’s too old or too much work, or even too saturated with brands already, but they’d be completely wrong!

It is true that Facebook faces a bit of flack these days so we can kind of see why businesses might think it’s not worth it, but you lads and ladies would really be missing out. See, Facebook, in our humble opinion as social media marketing professionals, is still a dream come true for small businesses. Let us explain.

A Massive Audience

The amount of monthly active users on Facebook surpassed 2 billion earlier this year which is just completely insane. We can’t even imagine what 2 billion people looks like. There’s around 7.5 billion people on the planet, which means that over a quarter of our total population log into that little blue site every month. We don’t know about you, but that blows our mind!

So, with such an incredibly huge audience that’s continuously on the rise, anyone who says Facebook’s going downhill is clearly wrong. The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie!

By jumping on board Facebook, you’re giving yourself the chance of having exposure to a really wide audience, even if you’re just targeting your local area! There’s so many people on it that even small towns will have a big crowd logging in every month.

Targeted Campaigns

One of the best things about marketing on Facebook is the ability to be really specific on ad targeting. As a small business, you probably don’t have tons to spend on ads, but with Facebook that’s not too much of a problem. You can be far more certain that the money you put in is being invested wisely and, as long as you do your ads right, you’ll get a higher ROI (return on investment). It’s all good news for small businesses!

You can set your ads to show up on the feeds of your exact target customers. You can change location, age, gender and even select the kind of interests and pages they’ll like. It’s all very clever and helps your ads get the exposure you want.

Social Media Referral Dominator

Facebook has proved itself time and time again to be the best at getting referral traffic. If you want to drive customers to your website or page or whatever it is you want seen, it’s proven itself to be a great method of getting them there! In fact, in 2017 it’s even been going head to head with the big dog Google, battling it out for pole position for the most referrals. This, therefore, makes Facebook marketing just as relevant as SEO, which a lot of businesses don’t realise!

Engage with Your Followers

Facebook makes it easier than ever before to interact with your followers and potential customers, helping you to build up a notable brand identity and drive sales. Its easy Messenger app allows for simple, direct communication and the Live Video streaming ability means you can share great content and communicate with followers in a way that even a few years ago just wasn’t possible!

Get in Touch

We could go on about why Facebook is so great for small businesses for a long time, but we’ll spare you the chore of reading through a 3,000 word post! We’re pretty sure that you’ll have seen why it’s so awesome by now, anyway.

If you want to unlock the full potential of Facebook marketing for your small business but aren’t sure where to start or how to go about the whole thing (it can be pretty confusing), then get in touch with us at The Hive. We’re experts at all things social, including Facebook, so are the perfect team to help you!