Black Friday is hot on our heels, and by now you’ll have all seen a plethora of offers and adverts from a whole host of brands, but do you remember any specifics about the discounts they’re offering? Chances are most of them have been forgotten, already indistinguishable from the next great deal!

As a business, you want your offer to stand out on social media, to catch someone’s eye so they purchase straight away, or remember it days later when payday hits their bank balance!

Black Friday can be a huge opportunity to generate sales and an unmissable marketing opportunity, if you do it right.

So let’s look at some best practice for getting your offer noticed?

Use Exact Discounts

If you’re going to offer a discount on your product or service during Black Friday, it’s important that you tell the customer in your advert just how much they will save. It’s not enough to simply say “great deals”, “huge discounts” etc. This is not the time to be ambiguous! Tell your audience exactly what percentage or set number of pounds they are set to save if they take you up on this offer. Customers are desensitised to sweeping statements; clear is kind! Confused customers do not click, end of story!

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a feeling of scarcity and urgency around your Black Friday offer might be key to empowering your customers to take action! People hate missing out, so why not include a timer on your Instagram stories, or regularly post count down images on your social media platforms, reminding your customers that this offer is fleeting, and they will miss out if they wait too long. “Going, going…. Gone!”

Post on all Platforms

Share this offer across all of your social media platforms so you don’t miss anyone. Chances are each of your channels has slightly different audience demographics, so by skipping one of your channels, you may miss out on a lot of potential for business. Make sure you cover all bases by sharing the same offer across all of your profiles for the most effective marketing campaign. Plus, a lot of people will likely follow you on multiple platforms, so by sharing the same offer on each platform they will be exposed to and reminded of the same offer multiple times, making them more likely to make a purchase with your brand. Remember, repetition is a kindness – your audience is busy!

Timing is everything

Chances are your customers will have been bombarded with a huge number of adverts within their newsfeeds in the lead up to Black Friday, so we suggest playing around with the timing of your posts. There is no hard and fast rule here that will work for everyone, but consider the time of day your audiences are most active, as well as the time that most other brands post. Why not experiment with posting outside of the busiest times so there is less noise to compete with? Schedule posts at a different time each day and see what works. If you normally post at a set hour of the day, this may be a time to shake this up and post at more unexpected times to stand out.

Also, as we’ve already said above, repetition is not only totally fine, it’s best practice when trying to get your offer in front of your audience – only around 4% of your audience see your content each time you post, so if you want to beat the algorithm, post your offer multiple times in the leadup to Black Friday!

Why Just Friday?

We know that the offers on Black Friday itself are going to be totally overwhelming, nobody could possibly take advantage of all of all the one-day without military level planning! But there’s no reason that you can’t start your offer early to allow people to get the discount and make the purchase before Friday. You’ll beat all of the competition who are waiting for that one big day, and you’ll be able to reach more people due to a longer sale and less distraction from other brands. Consider starting your sale now and watch the orders roll in!


Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle