During this trying time, we’ve all been forced to slow down in practically every aspect of our lives. We’re no longer rushing from one place to another, commuting to work or attending social gatherings. Social media has replaced almost all of our social interaction for the past month and is likely to do for the foreseeable future.

That’s why how we use it as business owners matters now more than ever. We’re spending more time on social media platforms, so we’re also paying far more attention to the information we are consuming. Today we’re sharing the top 5 questions you should ask yourself when planning the content you share!

  • Would it make you feel good if you saw it on your personal feed?

As Marie Kondo would say, we are shunning anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ in our feeds. Nobody has time at the moment for anything that makes them feel bad, unworthy, guilty or like they are missing out. We are all trying to get through these extraordinary times with as little negative impact to our physical and mental health as possible.

  • Do you have resources that you can share?

Many brands are using their influence to offer valuable and uplifting content to their followers, instead of their normal posts advertising services or promoting a feeling of FOMO if you don’t use their business. More and more, companies are offering free resources for their followers, whether that’s free 30 day access to their subscription-based app or live streams of classes so that people can workout or learn new skills whilst in isolation. These offers are proving invaluable to those stuck at home and will greatly increase public opinion on the ethics of the company, leading to further success down the line.

  • Are you being kind to your team and audience?

Brand social communications have generally softened and followers are responding to this by resharing and engaging with this content. These are highly emotional times for the whole world and people will be increasingly receptive to how a company has responded and contributed to society, now more than ever. Companies can demonstrate genuine social responsibility at this time by being thoughtful and sympathetic towards their employees, as well as making contributions to noble causes wherever possible.

  • Are you acknowledging COVID-19 realistically?

Brand accounts who are not acknowledging the current situation and continuing their regular planned content with no alteration are now sticking out like a sore thumb, which is damaging to their reputation. To their audience, these messages feel disconnected from what they want and need from their newsfeed. This is not business as usual, so the better a brand navigates these changes in culture and general social atmosphere, the more connected their followers will feel understood and supported.

The reality is that many people will not be spending money at the moment due to these uncertain times, so the hard sell is unlikely to be effective. In order to keep relevant, the most effective content will be of high value to the audience you have: Make sure you share messages that will resonate on an emotional level. Brands that are promoting a responsible solution to replace things missing from our current way of life will be the ones thriving right now.

  • Are you being proactive with your communications?

No matter the size of your business or social media following, you have the power to share inspirational, uplifting, and valuable content with your followers, and the more you immerse yourself with the cause, the more engagement and respect you will earn.

Make a list today of the value you can impart on your audience and give everything you can, because this pandemic is taking a lot of what we have. We cannot and will not let it break us, make sure you playyour part and make the future you very proud.


Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle