Social is vital for your business.

Social Media is a vital tool for increasing and improving business. When asked why a business should be using social media the simple answer is it is where your customer are. Social media enables you to connect with a lot of potential customers whether it be local, national or international.

Social media doesn’t have to be expensive and you certainly don’t need to be paying for like, followers or engagement. Here are some top tips for improvement.

Here are some top tips for improvement.

Your profiles

Make sure all your social media accounts are current and consistent. Try and use the same profile and cover images if possible. Keep your company bios relevant and simple and across all platforms if possible.


Using social media to listen to what’s being said about you, your company, your brand or a particular product and service is easy and doesn’t need to cost. There are lots of free tools out there. Personally, I use Google Alerts and HootSuite.


On Instagram and Twitter in particular use hashtags to keep up with latest trends. Getting involved will help your business appear relevant and on the ball. Hashtags are a great way of getting involved with local and national events.


The best way to grow followers and increase engagement is through good content. Don’t overdo the promotion. The 80/20 rule is a great example 80% of your content should be aimed at engaging with your audience the other 20% self-promotion.


Competitions are a great way to get your readers interacting. Like and share campaigns can be a great way of doing this. Worth having a look at Facebook’s advertising rules first though. As questions, encourage your followers to talk to you and of course make sure you talk back.


All the social platforms come with advertising package and, they are very good and its doesn’t have to cost you a lot. Well worth considering especially if you only have a limited budget.

I offer a Social media audit where I will look at your social media platforms and send you a report of tips and improvements you could make. Fill out your details on my website and I will be in touch. Contact SocialBee

Best wishes for now. Cale x

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