Social media management

We do the hard work… While you grow your business

Social media is the best way to get attention for your business. But you probably know that already. It’s why you’re here.

The trouble is, social media management takes time. It can be overwhelming. And when you’re running a business, the last thing you have is time. You’re working hard enough as it is.

Relax, we can take it off your to-do list.

Managing social media for you

I know how to engage your audience – whether they’re new customers, potential business partners or existing fans who just haven’t heard from you in a while.

The level of social media management is up to you. Stay involved in the conversation, keep posting as much as you like… Or if you prefer, we can take the whole lot off your shoulders.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Content creation – Engaging, informative content, posted on the right platforms at the right time.
  • Content curation – Hot topics in your industry, the latest ideas, all collected and posted for you.
  • Brand awareness – When potential customers need the services you offer, your business will be right there, top of mind.
  • Conversation – You’ll never miss an opportunity to connect. We’ll reply to messages and comments to keep the conversation flowing.

It’s all about giving your business a human voice. Speaking of which, it would be great to hear yours… Talk to Cale or Clare on 01424 883 310 or 07484 805 545

Say hello

I’d like social media management. What will you need from me?

Communication is key. It helps us do the best possible job for you. After all, the key word in social media is `social’. And we like being sociable.

We’ll be in touch a lot, asking what’s happening in your business… and your life in general.

It could be a networking event, an interesting blog you’ve read (or written), a new product, special offer – or a photo of your cat sitting on the keyboard `helping’ with the accounts.

Just keep us posted about what you’re up to. We’ll turn it into punchy, imaginative content that starts a conversation with your target audience.

Start the conversation with Cale or Clare by calling 01424 864 345 or 07484 805 545

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