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The Hive is a social media agency. If it involves social media, we can help.

The agency was established by Cale Sinfield and Clare Payne who have been working with social media since 2009. To save you looking it up, that’s 2 years after Facebook started and 3 years after the launch of Twitter.

In other words, we’ve been working in social media since it first became a thing.

We do the hard work… so you don’t have to

When you’re busy running a small business, social media can be a headache. Think of The Hive as a relaxing head massage. Or a timely dose of paracetamol, if you prefer.

We can devise a time and hassle-saving. social media strategy for you, or take your social media marketing to the next level with social media management or social media consultancy.

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Sharing our wisdom with you

If you understand the value of social media but aren’t sure how to get it right, we offer one-to-one or group social media training.

Just tell us what you’d like to learn. We run a variety of training courses, although we’re always happy to design a course especially for you. Here are some ideas:

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to attract a wealth of positive attention to your business. And we’ll be on hand afterwards to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Our marketing skills, at your disposal

Before becoming a self-confessed social media geek, Cale spent 20 years in marketing, sales and customer service.

Put clever marketing together with social media wizardry, and you get a pretty handy set of skills. It means we know what your customers want.

We’ll use that knowledge to attract an audience for your business, then convert them into new customers.

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