As with pretty much all the social media platforms, Instagram is an absolute gold-mine for marketing. It lets you show off your products to your hearts content, connect with other brands easily and build up a notable identity. What more could you want? It’s seriously great, especially for small businesses with little funds.

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is the place to be. With an engagement rate that trumps even Twitter and over an estimated $1 billion pumped into the marketing technique this year alone, it’s pretty clear Instagram is owning this game!

So, with such great statistics and results that no one can deny, it makes sense to find out more about what’s going on here and why your brand should be taking note.

What Even Is Influencer Marketing?

If you haven’t heard of it then don’t worry; we’ve got the low-down! Influencer marketing is basically when a brand connects with an Instagram user who has a seriously impressive following. That user then promotes the brands products or services on their page for all their lovely followers to see.

So, for example, YouTube sensation Zoella (you can tell we’re down with the kids, can’t you?) could be paid by your company to post a picture using your product, with a caption that links to your page or website, and all her millions of followers would see it. Simple!

Why Does It Work?

In a generation where TV ads are being skipped and magazines aren’t really being bought, brands have to look for other ways of promoting their stuff. They need to find where their audience is now going and, what a surprise, they’re on social media!

But this social media generation has also become somewhat immune to advertisements. Not completely – there’s still a place for adverts in this world – but they’re less likely to pay attention to one whilst they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed than they are to a post from the people they follow. So, what do you do? Well, you incorporate your ads into those posts with high engagement and the problem’s solved! That’s the basis of influencer marketing.

These influencers are also trusted by their followers and have a large – you guessed it – influence over their buying habits. In fact, 71% of those consumers who you want to be buying from you are more likely to make a purchase based on social media references. People trust those they follow, admire and look up to, so it does make sense.

Influencer marketing on Instagram is also a great way to market directly to your target audience. If you have a fitness product, find an influencer who bases their content around fitness. In that way, you know that their followers have a direct interest in fitness and will be more likely to find your brand interesting than a random bloke watching TV. You see how it all works so perfectly?

We Can Set You Up

If you’re interested in using the power of Instagram influencers to boost your business and increase your profits, get in touch with us over at The Hive. We know what we’re doing when it comes to pairing brands with influencers and will give you the best chance at getting the ROI you want. So, don’t be shy, get chatting to us today!