For the 12 days of Christmas, The Hive gave to you…

…12 promotion ideas for your best Christmas in business yet some gold rings, and a turtle dove.

Ok, so the last 2 things are tough to spin, but we really do have 12 tips for Christmas promotions! Keep reading for some festive inspiration:

Create gift guides based on recipient:

Christmas shopping is generally overwhelming; people often don’t know where to start, with no end to the different options to choose from. That’s why you need to make purchasing from your business as simple as possible!

One of the best ways to do this is by creating gift guides. Whether you have a big enough range of products to be able to cater to different recipients, or simply filter down by different price points, it’ll be appreciated by your customers, and will decrease the friction it takes to make a purchasing decision. A win for both you and the customer!

Put together bundles:

Another way to increase Christmas purchases, is to put together bundles people can purchase in one go, with a slight discount built-in. Not only will customers benefit from saving money, they’ll be able to make a larger purchase from your business in just one transaction, helping you increase your spend per customer over the festive period.

Extend your returns period:

We highly suggest making sure your returns policy is very clear at all points of the year, and definitely recommend extending it during the Christmas shopping window to give people peace of mind when gifting. Ensure you display the extension prominently on your website and social media too, so they can’t miss it.

Run a giveaway!

There’s no better time of year to run a giveaway than Christmas! Getting people to share a post on social media will help keep your brand circulating to your customers’ friends and family, likely to have shared interests, and may want to purchase from the same kinds of business. At a time of year when people are shopping more than ever – the more you can get your name out there, the better!

Promote gift cards:

Even if you put together the best bundles and gift-guides, some people will still be stuck on what to buy. Gift cards are the perfect solution to get for the person who has everything.

Gift cards also make for a great stocking-filler, so make sure they’re front and centre for people at your check out, both in real life and online. Whether you have them on the homepage of your website, at the counter in your premises, make sure people know they’re available.

Create advent calendar promotions:

Everyone loves an advent calendar! Surprises every day are a great way to start each morning, so why not create a calendar of activity with a promo for each day?

Whether you share a discount code for varying amounts valid for 24 hours only, a free gift with purchase, or another offer, it’ll add a daily buzz to your social media and help inspire quick purchases by customers to take action and purchase without delay.

Theme your content:

Embrace the festive spirit with themed content! Whether that’s switching up your colour scheme on social media, adding baubles and snowflakes to your posts, or adopting some fun festive puns or emojis to your captions. Have a little fun – it’s Christmas!

The novelty of festive content will reinforce the excitement of Christmas and help you remain relevant in your customers’ minds when considering gift purchases.

It’s a time to give back:

It’s so important to remember that Christmas is a time to give. So, at a time of year when you’ll be seeing higher numbers of sales, why not take this opportunity to make a positive impact to those in need? Choose a charity close to your heart which aligns with your brand’s values. It’s nice to be nice!

Start now!

The sooner you can start your Christmas marketing, the better. We know you can now buy mince pies in the supermarket as early as August in some cases, and for good reason! The sooner the festive period can run, the longer people will be spending money. Ideally, you’d have started on the 1st of November, but now is the next best time!

Start a countdown:

Make sure it’s clear when the last time your customers can purchase from you to have delivery in time for Christmas. Whether you’re an ecommerce business who needs to ship products or have special Christmas hours, communication is key. Highlight your Christmas opening times to your followers and customers to make sure they can purchase from you in plenty of time.

Encourage stocking filler purchases:

When people are shopping for Christmas gifts, they are primed to spend money, and they’re more than likely buying for multiple recipients. Make sure your smaller, less expensive items have pride of place at check out and till to help take advantage of this. Small extras like accessories, food items or trinkets can really make a big impact on the checkout value.

Christmas doesn’t end on the 25th of December:

You’d be forgiven for thinking Christmas ends on the 25th of December, but it really runs until the new year. Those weird limbo days between Christmas and New Year, when the festive blues kick in, might be a prime opportunity for people to treat themselves to something nic. They’ve spent the last couple of months buying solely for other people, now it’s me-time!

People are more likely to buy for themselves during this time, once they know what Father Christmas didn’t bring them, and what’s left on their wish list. Why not tailor your content to encourage a “treat yo self” mentality?

Whatever you do to promote Christmas, we hope you, your families and your customers have a very Merry festive season!