If you look online, you’ll see there’s a national day for everything. From important social milestones, like International Women’s Day, to the less significant but more delicious, National Onion Ring Day.

Smaller and more niche national days can work as great filler content in the rest of your social media plans ,where you have some gaps in your regular scheduling.

National and international days are a great opportunity not only to mark important dates, but to promote your business in the process. In this blog, we’ll be sharing just how to use national and international days on social media to promote your business.

Identify key dates in your calendar

The very first place you should start is identifying the days you want to mark that are relevant to your business. If you’re a florist, national spoon whittling day probably isn’t one you need to worry about, for example.

There are key dates all businesses can make work for their business, such as Valentines, Mother & Father’s days, Christmas, and New Years. These can be made relevant to almost any business with a bit of creativity.

A great place to get started finding others that might fit is on a website like this one.

A quick word of warning though – Do make sure you double check the days you want to promote and ensure they don’t coincide with something that could be in poor-taste such as poignant historical anniversaries. You don’t want to find yourself promoting National Ice Cream Day on Remembrance Sunday!

Set a reminder in your calendar, or just schedule posts for these days using Hootsuite or your preferred content management platform in advance.

Decide how you want to mark them

Once you know which dates you wish to mark, it’s time to decide how you want to celebrate them! This is where we have fun…

For some of the more minor holidays, a simple post on social media might be sufficient, but you might want to match their silliness with an equally fun competition or special offer. You know your customers and your business best, so do what feels right here!

For bigger and more widely observed occasions like Christmas, a longer, more in-depth strategy across multiple posts with lots of different promotions and offers might be more appropriate. Bigger dates call for bigger strategy, more time spent, and numerous posts.

Use Hashtags

The posts themselves are great to share with your audience, but add extra leverage by including national day-specific hashtags to boost your reach and see more engagement and grow your social media presence.

By using these relevant hashtags, you’ll be able to find people far and wide across the country and beyond who are interested in the exact niche you are posting about which is relevant to your business – did someone say new customers?!

Show your personality

National days are a fantastic opportunity to show the personality behind your business. No matter what industry you’re in, celebrating a national day shows your interests as a brand as well as the faces behind it. Always good for building trust and relationships with your audience!

You can align yourselves with important causes and generally help people understand your business’s mission, plus national days are a great way to inject some humour into your social media feed, so embrace that!

Above all, Have fun!

More than anything, make sure to have fun with these dates wherever you can. A select few that are relevant to your niche can be nicely peppered into your social media plan, without trying to create links that are too tenuous!

Here’s a freebie to get you started, it’s #worldsocialmediaday on the 30th June 2021!

Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle