Instagram Reels are the latest in the ways to share content on Instagram, offering individuals and businesses the chance to create fun, creative and unique videos their followers can view and engage with.

In this blog post we’ll be sharing some simple ways you can use Instagram Reels to promote your business.

What is a Reel?

A Reel is a 15 second video clip that you can edit and share within the app. Reels can include audio, effects and other special touches. Currently the feature is available in 50 countries so it’s a great way to reach people worldwide.

Instagram Reels are the platform’s answer to the kind of content you would see on apps like TikTok. In fact if you already have a TikTok Business account, our first tip would be to post all of your current content across both channels!

Join the Trends

If you’ve watched any Instagram Reels, you’ll notice a lot of people recreating the same dance, challenge or song with their own spin on it. These viral trends are a fantastic way to promote your business through entertaining content that you know people already love, and are likely to see.

In this instance, the ones that are most popular are those who have a really unique take on the theme they are following, using their imagination to stand out from the rest. So, have a think about how you can take a video that’s currently trending and recreate it to be relevant to your own business? e.g. if you work in construction, you and your team could recreate pop music dance challenges on a building site – please, stay safe!

Reels are the perfect way to show the fun and human side of your business and a great dose of positivity in what can feel like a heavy world right now.

Start a Challenge

Is there a fun little trick or game you could play with your audience? Chances are they have something in common with you, so think about a fun way you can get them involved. Companies in any industry can do this; just think about your audience and what they like. After all, you know them best!

If you’re a nail technician, you could create an elaborate design and encourage your audience to recreate it themselves, or list a few colours that you stock and show them the design you made, then ask them to make their own design using those same colours and see what they come up with.

If you’re a clothing shop you could show how to dress up a basic white tee and the different options people have with your accessories or garments. This is a great opportunity to promote anything you stock by showing the variety and versatility of your products.

Work with Influencers

If there are any relevant social media influencers in your industry, collaborating with them is a great way to reach more people and promote your business. People are far more likely to feel a connection with an individual than a brand, so if they see someone they know and like using your product or service, they will be far more likely to trust that recommendation than a straight forward advertisement from you directly. We previously shared an article on why to work with micro-influencers that you might find helpful.

A reel full of individuals using and promoting your product or service will draw people from multiple audiences to your page and business.

Give Exclusive Backstage Access

Reels are a great way to give people a glimpse behind the curtain! You could show time lapses of a project coming together, part of the design process, or a 15 second excerpt from an event you ran that will draw people in and leave them wanting to know more. Netflix does this really well by sharing 15 second clips of the shows they are promoting – we highly recommend checking them out!

Your Instagram feed is the place you share the polished, finished products and your reels are where you share the real story behind the finished result.

You could share bloopers from where something went entirely wrong, a prototype gone awr or someone making a silly mistake that they don’t mind sharing. Humour and/or satisfying results are absolutely key if you want to use reels effectively.

Ultimately, have fun using reels, don’t take yourself or your brand too seriously and you will be more likely to do well on this feature. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the world of reels by watching some yourself, do some research and take your time to fully understand and appreciate them for your best chances of success.

Be sure to tag us in your reels so we can share and enjoy them with you!


Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle