People are searching social media, not just socialising. Each social media channel has a different audience that they cater to. So understanding your audience could bring you lots of warm leads for your business.

  1. What kind of business do you have?
  2. What age range is your product or service for?
  3. Is your product or service for men, women, teens or children?

Choose your social media channel or channels intentionally. Answering these questions can help you determine the social media strategy that is best for your business.

There are 3 basic methods to communicate on social media:

  1. Text – The easiest and most common way to communicate online. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for this.
  2. Images – Include pictures taken of your products, events, workspace etc. Also, images can include quotes. Let’s face it who doesn’t like a good quote!
  3. Video – One of the most popular ways that people absorb information online. You can record a video on your phone of you interviewing people, tutorials or video your everyday life. With new features such as Facebook Live where you can record live video, you can hold Q&A sessions or live training.

Would you like to discuss this further? Let’s have a coffee and discuss your target audience.