Perhaps you’ve seen the term and found yourself wondering, “what the hell is a social media coach?” If so, read on…

A social media coach is essentially an expert in the minefield of social media, who will coach you in social media marketing so that you can get the most return out of your investment – time or money – from the platforms you use, helping you achieve your goals in a quantifiable way.

This blog will explain how a social media coach can help, and why you might want to enlist their services to help boost your business.

Help you reach your goals:

The primary aim of a social media coach is to help a business reach their marketing goals. They’ll take the time to learn what’s most important to you and they’ll work to co-create a plan to help get you there.

Whether you’d like to grow your following in a certain geographical area, reach a certain milestone in the number of sales you make, or anything else that is important to the growth of your business, they’ll help you create a step-by-step strategy to achieve it and position your marketing material with that end result in mind.

They’ll also be able to quantify the effectiveness of the content you create and share with you what’s working and what’s not, helping you to improve and adapt your content as time goes on.

Keep up to date with changing trends:

Social media is constantly evolving; the posts that once got plenty of engagement soon get just a handful of likes and no comments. Part of a social media coach’s job is to keep up to date with the preferred formats and trends for each social media platform and help you tailor your content to meet those requirements.

They’ll have insider knowledge before most people about what trends are emerging so you can stay ahead of the curve, improving your reputation as a leader and innovator, not a follower. Your posts will be more attractive to your followers as they won’t have seen the same thing 100 times before seeing your take on it!

Create quality content:

As a business owner, you’re busy and you don’t always have time to spend crafting the perfectly worded social media post or the slickest image to go with it. Your posts might often be rushed, creating any old thing between other more pressing tasks, and even then, maybe you’ve got no clue what you should be writing about?

A social media coach will be able to help you plan a rotation of themes, content types and ideas, so that you can schedule your posts in advance, and always know exactly what to be posting about at any given time. You’ll save yourself so much time, and be confident that you’re putting out content your audience actually like.

No more wasted time and money

A social media coach will be able to create reports on your return on investment in your social media marketing, helping you to understand what your time, energy (and money, if using ads) is actually getting you. Quantifying your ROI is a surefire way to know whether what you’re doing is working. You’ll be able to see clearly whether you’ve received a valuable return for your business, and whether your efforts are actually getting you closer to the goals you will have set with your coach.

A social media coach will ensure that no penny is spent on pointless endeavours, and that time isn’t wasted exploring routes that simply have no value in helping your business. Not all platforms, formats or trends will suit you; a social media coach will be able to sift out the time-wasting activities and allow more time to be spent on the areas which will drive your business forward, keeping you on track and supporting your bottom line.

In conclusion, a social media coach can be an incredibly useful tool for your business, taking the pressure off, removing the ‘fear’ or nervousness around social media, and helping you to take control of your online marketing efforts. There’s no two ways around it, it’s an investment, but if you’re a business owner that isn’t currently making the most of your social media, it’s one you can’t afford to dismiss!


Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle