Going live on your business page or group has quickly become one of the most important things to do if you want your account to grow! We know it can be scary, and we can hear your resistance through the screen, but hear us out! In this blog we’ll be stating the case for exactly why you should push past the fear and hit that ‘live’ button anyway!

The algorithm loves it!

Although the ‘secret to a successful post’ seems to change every day, one thing that’s abundantly clear is that Facebook (and therefore Instagram) loves it when people go live! It’s something we have noticed them promoting and prioritising heavily in recent months, and it looks like it’s not a passing fad. By working with the algorithm, you’ll be rewarded with your videos being shown to more people in their feeds and you’ll have a higher reach.

When you go live in a group, members will get a notification to watch in real time, but the video will also be saved on your page for people to catch up later if they don’t make it at the time too. Remember – only members of that group can see it, so if you want a wider reach, go live on your personal or business profile!

Increase engagement

Research has proven people prefer to watch a video than read a lot of text on social media, so by creating video content you’ll be ahead of the game. Add in the live element and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

Going live opens up a conversation between you and your audience; you’ll be able to respond to their input and questions whilst you’re live, giving that instant gratification we all love.

When your audience feels like you listen to them, and sees you putting yourself front and centre in your business: Live, unedited, and unfiltered – you’ll be amazed at the boost you see in engagement!

Keep it real

Like we mentioned previously, due to the nature of live streaming – e.g. you can’t edit out a mistake or redo parts you don’t like – your audience will get to know the real you. In a world full of Instagram filters, perfectly posed photos and carefully crafted captions, the real, raw content stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

Not only do your audience get to see the real you, but they get to see the real business too. A live video feels exclusive, like a backstage pass into the parts of your business people don’t often get to see. Utilise that exclusivity!

Do the thing!

We hope this blog has helped you understand just how valuable going live can be for your business. We know it can be scary, and it’s so easy to just not bother, but give it a try!

Have a think about what you’d like to say or show before you press that button, and just do the thing. Whether it’s telling the story behind your business, showing off some of your newest stock arrivals, or a sneak peek at how you make your product; your audience already likes your business, they want to know more!

The more your audience knows about your business, the more personally connected they’ll feel and the more likely they’ll choose you over the competition the next time they are looking for a product or service you offer. You can only win!

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Thank you to our guest Blogger Chantelle Davison – Choice Words By Chantelle